Maria Rosa Vilma Tuazon Santos-Recto (born Maria Rosa Vilma Tuazon Santos November 3, 1953 in Bamban, Tarlac), commonly known as Vilma Santos-Recto or Ate Vi is a Filipino actress and box office queen for almost four decades. One of the original Philippine movie queens, she rose up to become the versatile actress that has been given the fitting title of “Star for All Seasons” because of her capacity to adapt to the changing mores and values of the Filipino woman, giving a face to their plight and struggles, albeit in success both critically and box-office wise in some of Philippine cinema’s classics such as Trudis Liit (1963), Lipad, Darna, Lipad (1973), Burlesk Queen (1977), Relasyon (1982), Sister Stella L. (1984), Alyas Baby Tsina (1984), Pahiram ng Isang Umaga (1989), Dahil Mahal Kita: The Dolzura Cortez Story (1993), Anak (2000) and Dekada ’70 (2002). She is currently the governor of Batangas, Philippines (2012)(Wikipedia).

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Request kay MNS - “...Wow! Hindi ko pa alam, promise. Talaga ba? Sana talaga matuloy. Sa totoo lang, hindi pa kami nakakapag-usap ni Ate Vi. Kasi wala pang chance na magkaroon talaga kami ng moment na makapag-usap...Matagal ko nang nilalambing sa Star Cinema, ang dami lang talagang ganap. Kaya please, please sana matuloy. Lagi ko talaga request kay MNS (Malou N. Santos) na sana magkaroon ako ng movie with Ate Vi. Siya na lang kasi talaga ‘yung hindi ko pa nakakasama. Parang kulang eh, kulang ang pagiging artista mo kapag hindi mo siya nakatrabaho. Lahat yata ng artista gusto talaga siyang makasama at isa ako doon...” - Judy Ann Santos, Reported by Boy Abunda, Pilipino Star Ngayon, 08 June 2017

Survivor of Life's Trials - "...Perfect ang description kay Vilma ng isang respected showbiz authority na nasubaybayan ang lahat ng mga pangyayari sa personal at professional life niya. “Vi is a beautiful survivor of life’s trials and has earned the public’s sustained respect and admiration because she has kept her dignity on and off camera, and she doesn’t inflict her privates pains, imagined or otherwise, on the public. “Remember, respect begets respect. Vi is the perfect role model not only of her colleagues but of the public as well...” - Jojo Gabinete, Abante, 06 June 2017

Signature Director - “...Gil (Portes) is one of the “most passionate filmmakers” I had ever worked with...He’s my signature director. And he used to call me his signature actress, too, because we did a lot of projects together...‘Munting Tinig,’ ‘Homecoming,’ ‘Barcelona’ and ‘Liars’...Direk Gil was an artist and a mentor in every sense of the word. He used to tell me, ‘O, Alex, ’naku, pang-best actress ito ha! Galingan mo, kalaban mo na naman si Ate Vi!...” - Alessandra de Rossi, as reported by Allan Policarpio, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 27 May 2017

Vilma Santos, The Batangueña - "...However, the most telling evidence of how well a person can suit language and lifestyle lies in Vilma Santos-Recto, who now peppers her conversations with traditional Batangueño lines spoken with the right attitude. Vilma has taken to calling friends as Ka Nitoy or Ka Celia, ka being a term of endearment among Batangas old-timers. Ka is also used as a term of respect to another person, usually older. In the late 70s, Vilma acted in a film called Vilma Veinte Nueve (29) where she played a balisong-wielding fighter of a character. She was Batangueña, but of course..." - Nestor Cuartero, Tempo, 22 May 2017

On Bashers - “...People say that I should take the high road in dealing with bashers, but I will be the one to tell you—bastos po ako, palamura ako. I will not pretend to be clean. If a basher hits me, he or she should be ready to be hit back. Our being TV personalities doesn’t give other people the right to attack us...They say the art of deadma is divine; I say, ‘To each his own.’ I don’t hate bashers. I actually enjoy dealing with them. Being on TV doesn’t make me a better person. I tell you, I’m the opposite of everything my parents are...” - Luis Manzano, Reported by Marinel R. Cruz, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 23 April 2017

Fashion Trademarks - "...Everyone has that one thing or two that most people remember them at. Especially for public figures where their fashion statement, more often or not, becomes their "identifier." It can also reach that point where a style becomes iconic when people are donning it in costume events like Halloween! To prove that fashion statements leaves a mark, here are 7 Filipino celebrities whom became known for their all-time fashion trademarks...Vilma Santos-Recto: With her title as the "Star for All Seasons," Vilma Santos-Recto also developed her fashion trademark overtime. The actress turned politician became iconic in her colorful suits and her trusty handerkerchief at her right hand. Trivia, the hanky is there simply wipe sweat and dust..." - Sherry Tadeja, Iniside Manila, 18 April 2017

Rebel Director - "...Maraming galos si Vilma Santos rito pero di siya nagreklamo. Sobrang bow ako sa kanya. Nagkwento na lamang siya na nahilo siya, may galos siya. Sobrang inspiring makatrabaho si Ate Vi. Di siya nagpapa-importante kahit Batangas governor na siya noon. Di rin siya nagpapa-antay. Mahal na mahal siya ng mga kapwa-artista. Sabay-sabay sila dumating. Di siya nagbibigay ng problema...Iyon ang sobrang sarap kay Ate Vi...I’ve always been a rebel. May sarili akong diskarte o pananaw. Even my father, who had a high position in government (being a local government minister then), never forced me to do things that I did not want. My mother was the one worrying kasi wala naman kita sa art.." - Chito S. Roño, As Reported by Rogelio Constantino Medina, Manila Standard, 10 April 2017

Vilma's Darna costumes - "...Over the past six decades, more than 15 actresses have portrayed Darna, the iconic Pinoy heroine created by Mars Ravelo. Filipinos have also witnessed more than a dozen variety of Darna's costume, which is usually a red bikini with a gold star on each brassiere cap and a helmet with ruby-encrusted gold winged medallion. Her accessories include gold cuff bracelets, golden medallion belt with a loincloth in the middle, and red boots. Here's an extensive look on how Darna's costume changed through the years...Vilma Santos ruled the '70s as Darna, and wore four different costumes. In Lipad, Darna, Lipad (1973), she donned the original red bikini with gold stars (left) including the red helmet with gold winged medallion, the red boots, gold medallion belt, and gold cuff bracelets. In Darna and the Giants (1974), she wore an all-gold ensemble (middle) with red details, plus a gold choker. In Darna vs. the Planetwomen (1975), she donned a dark blue bikini (right) with red stars and the same accessories plus the choker...1980s, Vilma took back Darna's stone for the movie Darna and Ding (1980). This was the last time she played the iconic super heroine, and also her most daring Darna costume ever: from boyshorts, her bottoms were changed into a high-waisted bikini. She also donned a sparkly red bikini top with gold stars and shiny blue shorts with white loincloth. The rest of her accessories were in gold..." - Nikko Tuazon, PEP, 09 April 2017

On #LGBT and The #DeathPenalty - “...Kung maaari nga lang sana, may exclusive laws para sa LGBT, kasi naiintindihan ko situations nila eh...Kasi ang LGBT, may discrimination talaga eh. Parang kapag sinabing lesbian (o gay), may (negative) connotation na agad ang mga tao (sa kanila). (Pero) ang sa akin lang, ‘What’s wrong with that (being gay)?’ Buti nga ngayon, mas libre na sila mag-expose (ng mga sarili nila)...(on saying NO to death penalty) Yun kasi ang prinsipyo ko sa buhay. Iba din ang prinsipyo ng iba na dapat din natin igalang...At the end of the day kung anong makakabuti sa mga tao, ’yun ang sundin natin. Since naninindigan ako sa no, I am ready to accept the consequences of my decision..." - Vilma Santos-Recto, as reported by Regina Mae Parungao, Manila Bulletin, 16 March 2017

Life is simply not ours to take - “...Naniniwala ako sa hustisya. Ang mga nagkasala ay nararapat na patawan ng parusa, karampatan sa nasasaad sa batas. But I also believe that everyone has the right to become productive members of society. Everybody deserves a chance to correct their mistakes. Reformation. Rehabilitation. Reintegration. Those are the three processes that I believe in. Masugid akong sumangguni sa aking mga kababayan tungkol sa pagsasabatas ng Death Penalty. On their behalf, I say an adamant NO to the re-imposition of Death Pe­nalty. I fully understand the consequences of not supporting this bill, but in the question of life and death, our conscience prevails. Life is simply not ours to take. Mabuhay ang mga Lipeño at mabuhay ang sambayanang Pilipino!” - Vilma Santos-Recto, as reported by Alwin Ignacio, Abante Tonite, 10 March 2017

Remembering Danilo - "...The country’s top actors and singers remember fashion designer to the stars, Danilo Franco, fondly. Often described as “a loner and a man of few words,” Franco would rather let his designs—by turns, elegant, intricate and colorfully flamboyant—speak for themselves. Several star-clients were his most ardent supporters, as well—and would proudly don his creations not only onstage (in plays, concerts and awards rites) and onscreen (in movies and on TV shows), but offstage as well...Rep. Vilma Santos wore a Franco Filipiniana gown when she tied the knot with Sen. Ralph Recto in Lipa, Batangas, in 1992. Franco also took care of Santos’ wardrobe when she played a fierce and feisty mogul in the movie, “Everything About Her,” last year..."He was like family. We were together for ages. He did my clothes for years—from the ‘Vilma’ show in the 1980s until his passing. I am so sad. I am continuously praying for him. I love him. He was a very quiet person. Observant, passive, but a true, loving and loyal friend..." - Bayani San Diego Jr., Philippine Daily Inquirer, 06 February 2017

Selfie and Other Topics - "...I’m used to it because I’ve been in show biz since I was 9. Yes, it gets distracting sometimes, especially if you need to focus and think about what’s being discussed. At the same time, I also should be thankful because it means they’re interested in me...I’m more careful now (on being outspoken) because I’m aware that whatever I say influences people. You can’t dispense irresponsible advice or issue flippant comments...I support President Duterte’s war on drugs—it’s about time we take the issue seriously. But while we’re aware of the dangers of drug abuse, we can’t solve crimes by killing people. If you ask me, everybody deserves a second chance. Hindi tayo puwedeng basta magbitaw ng kung kaninong pangalan [without proof], at patay lang nang patay. There’s a better way to do this. Kailangang nasa tamang lugar...Expressing contrarian views is a human right. And she (Meryl Streep) is as intelligent a person as she is as an actress...In a way, they rule with an iron fist (Trump and Duterte). But we should give them a chance. President Duterte’s trust rating is very high (86 percent), which means he has the people’s support. Six months aren’t enough to gauge a president’s performance. Let’s hope for the best..." - Congresswoman Vilma Santos-Recto, as reported by Rito P. Asilo, Philippine Daily Inquirer, 05 February 2017

Can't Say NO to Ate Vi - “...I didn’t receive any reply, which was unusual. The next day, Tuesday, I texted him again to ask him if we could meet up and have coffee. Again, no reply. But after about an hour, it was his brother Joey who texted me back using Danny’s phone. He told me that Danny was in the hospital and was already in critical condition...he couldn’t say no to, actress-politician Vilma Santos. At the time of his death, he only had two sewers who were on call at his shop in Singalong, Manila...Sir Dan was one of the pillars of SoFA...He was one of our first few faculty members and he eventually became a major member of our education team. He was one of those we relied on to deliver the SoFA method of design education. He understood the value of the design process and managed to mentor our students through it. He was extremely generous, becoming a lifelong mentor and friend to his students even after graduation...In spite of his full load as a SoFA professor, Dan still continued to serve his clients...He always wanted to retire from designing and move from Malate to a smaller place in Makati near SoFA. But how could he do that when clients like Vilma Santos wouldn’t stop ordering? He was always busy, but always found time to dine out, hang out with designers, co-teachers, and create artworks when his schedule allowed...” - Rene Bisquera, Reported by Alex Y. Vergara, Manila Bulletin, 05 February 2017

The Balisong-wielding Batangueña Fighter - "...Vilma Santos, the Batanguena: However, the most telling evidence of how well a person can suit language and lifestyle lies in Vilma Santos-Recto, who now peppers her conversations with traditional Batangueño lines spoken with the right attitude. Vilma has taken to calling friends as Ka Nitoy or Ka Celia, Ka being a term of endearment among Batangas old-timers. Ka is also used as a term of respect to another person, usually older. In the late ’70s, Vilma acted in a film called “Vilma Veinte Nueve (29)” where she played a balisong-wielding fighter of a character. She was Batangueña, but of course..." - Nestor Cuartero, Manila Bulletin, 27 January 2017

#GEMS Awards for Film - "...Sinadya naming lumiban sa pagbibigay ng blind item sa araw na ito para bigyang-daan ang isang bagong tatag na samahan, ang GEMS (Guild Of Educators, Mentors And Students), na binubuo ng mga akademisyan mula sa iba’t ibang paaralan, mga propesyonal mula sa mga pribadong institusyon at sektor ng lipunan, at mga mag-aaral ng mga prestihiyosong kolehiyo at pamantasan...Best Film (Indie) - Die Beautiful (The Idea First Company); Best Film (Mainstream) - Everything About Her (Star Cinema); Best Film Director (Indie) - Jun Robles Lana (Die Beautiful); Best Film Director (Mainstream) - Joyce Bernal (Everything About Her); Best Supporting Actor - Xian Lim (Everything About Her); Best Supporting Actress - Cherry Pie Picache (Whistleblower); Best Actor - Paolo Ballesteros (Die Beautiful); Best Actress - Vilma Santos (Everything About Her); Special Award, Natatanging Hiyas Ng Sining Sa Pinilakang Tabing - Jaclyn Jose..." - Cristy Fermin, Pilipino Star Ngayon, 12 January 2017

Full Protection for Filipino #LGBT - "...Ang gusto nating isulong ay itong full protection para sa ating mga LGBTs not only in this term. Sana maging permanente po ito through a law not only through a resolution. I hope this committee will support this endeavor...Ultimately, this bill seeks to create a police organization that is able and eager to respond to any criminal or emergency incident, regardless of the gender orientation of the people involved..." - Congresswoman Vilma Santos-Recto, reported by Kristian Javier, Philstar, 03 January 2017

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Nestor Cuartero, Manila Bulletin
01-20-2017 Luis nagpapaka-praktikal, nagta-taxi na lang ‘pag coding
Jun Nardo, Pang-Masa
01-19-2017 Donna Villa namatay dahil sa cancer sa uterus
Lolit Solis, Pang-Masa
01-19-2017 Kris at Angelica sumikat kina Donna at Carlo J
Baby E, Pang-masa
01-18-2017 Cong.Vi, Paolo Best Actress at Best Actor sa 1st GEMS
Reggee Bonoan, Bandera
01-18-2017 Movie producer Donna Villa, 57
Arlo Custodio, Manila Times
01-17-2017 Producer Donna Villa, passes away
Edwin P. Sallan, InterAksyon
01-15-2017 Rep. Vi proposes paid leave for workers
Charissa Luci, Manila Bulletin
01-15-2017 Jessy pumiyok sa kasal nila ni Luis
Boy Abunda, Pilipino Star Ngayon
01-14-2017 Jessy at Luis, mag-on lang, pero ’di pa engaged
Nel Alejandrino, Journal
01-06-2017 Ate Vi botong-boto kay Jessy para kay Luis
Julie Bonifacio, Bandera
01-06-2017 Jessy tinuruan ni luis maging ‘balanse’!
Boy Abunda, Pilipino Star Ngayon
01-04-2017 Rep. Vi pushes for more quality films in next MMFF
Ryan Ponce Pacpaco, Journal
01-04-2017 Vilma lauds indie films, airs optimism on movie industry
Charissa M. Luci and Ben R. Rosario, Manila Bulletin
01-04-2017 Indie film, di tanggap ng masa?
Ed de Leon, Hataw
01-03-2017 House panel OKs to put up LGBT desks in police stations
Kristian Javier, Philstar
01-03-2017 LGBT desk sa presinto
Leifbilly Begas, Bandera
01-03-2017 Winners and losers
Mario Bautista, Journal
01-02-2017 Tail Tales: Vilma Santos’s pride and joy
Bayani San Diego Jr., Philippine Daily Inquirer


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